Implicitly explicit


1. hint; imply; slyly suggest

1st Sample Sentence

1. When you say that I might have difficulty understanding your books, are you trying to insinuate that I'm stupid?

2nd Meaning

2. stealthily and surreptitiously introduce something (usually oneself) into something; sneak something (usually oneself) into something

2nd Sample Sentence

2. At the party, I managed to slowly insinuate myself into the group surrounding the great writer.


in (in)#sinuare (to wind, bend, curve) (Latin)


IN (not)+SIGN. without any signal i. e indirectly hint or imply. when i snatched the cadbuary 4m my small bros hand and ate it my atomach started paining as if its HINTING /IMPLYING to me that:"IN SIN U ATE. ". :) in (sign) ate

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