Unique ones


deviation; abnormality; freak

1st Sample Sentence

For five years, this boxer has won every fight except one, and that one aberration was due to the fact that he was ill.


ab (away)#errare (to wander, go astray, be in error) (Latin)


aberration, anomaly


sounds like ab + operation due to the mentally disorder doctors want to do immediate operation of the patient A person who drinks beer acts differently from normal guy. which is deviating for normal. sounds like abortion which is not normal delivery ab+err+ation. in this if we concentrate on err. which relates to error. which is deviation from normal. abe beer kabhi ration ki dukan pe nahi mil sakti. which is a kind of deviation. ab+eye+irritation=aberration if the pic is not of good quality due to lens problems its eye-irritating

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