Abundance of something


stuff someone with; give someone too much of something

1st Sample Sentence

Please don't surfeit the children on snack food this afternoon so that they don't have any appetite for supper this evening.


Think "surplus" to fit, or overfull Hawaians are a FAT bunch. all they do is Surf and EAT, EAT, EAT. a surfeited lifestyle. surfeit = SIR is FAT. as he eats a lot than required until he is full. break SURFEIT as SIRF (sirf in HINDI means only to) EAT. Bas khate hi rehta hai. so an excess of. He was SURE that his pants had FIT prior to eating to SURFEIT! splir surfeit into " sur" and "feit". now think that u have been filled from "sur, which means head in hindi" till your feet.

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