Stupid to wise


reflecting deep learning; scholarly

1st Sample Sentence

At the age of six, the young genius was already more erudite than most university professors.


e ex (out, away)#rudis (unskilled, rough, unlearned) (Latin)


R U DEITY? Are you a deity; deities are gods and know it all. taken from rude+ite. in olden days people who were higly educated were basically very rude. as they were having profound knowledge of a subject they use to behave very rudely with less educated or illiterates people. erudite has Latin root: eruditus = e + rudis = e + rude (untrained) After training ruder, he becomes an erudite person e+RUD (RUDE)+IT+e. now just concentrate on RUDE IT. NOW THINK OF rude IT PROFESSIONAL WHO IS BASICALLY CONSIDERED AS A LEARNED man. or scholarly.

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