1. enthusiastic; eager

1st Sample Sentence

1. I have to admit that I am not very sanguine about having lunch with my wife's family today.

2nd Meaning

2. hopeful; optimistic

2nd Sample Sentence

2. My wife believes we both still have thirty years of life ahead of us, but I am not so sanguine.


sanguis sanguinis (blood) (Latin)


break it like sang + vine, so wen u drink vine and singing song you feel cheerful, happy SANGUINE is pronounced very much like "SANGEEN" in hindi which is usually referred with crime-"sangeen hatya" which shows serious murder with blood red colour. Sanguine - Penguin: Kids cheer up when they see penguins. Penguins are very cheerful and hopeful (Ref the movie "Happy Feet") sangui root means blood. i like a girl whose cheeks are sanguine and i find her very sanguine (cheerful)

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