1. intensely curious

1st Sample Sentence

1. A crowd gathered instantly around the scene of the crash, staring agog at the dead and injured victims lying in and around the vehicles.

2nd Meaning

2. amazed

2nd Sample Sentence

2. I was agog at the tale of horror and suffering she was telling.


agog ~ a goggle: Just imagine someone who got a new goggle as gift from someone on his birthday and is very excited to wear it while riding bike. Remember the song of Anil Kapoor: AG OG yeh bhi sunogi, kehta hu mai jo woh tum bhi sunoji. 1 2 ka 4 4 2 ka 1, My name is lakhan. ;) He is too excited in that song, and is curious to tell his story to everyone. gog reminds google, think a guy get into google company, i am sure that day he will be excited like anything a gog sounds like a dog (may be silly but helps) dog always barks. u shout wen ur excited.

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