Emotionless and stable


1. (of a person) practical (as opposed to idealistic); having a strong sense of what can really be done

1st Sample Sentence

1. I am not a pragmatic person, and so my finances and other affairs have always been more or less in disorder.

2nd Meaning

2. (of a thing) practical (as opposed to idealistic); really capable of being carried out

2nd Sample Sentence

2. A political party's campaign platform must not only be inspiring, it must also be pragmatic.


prassein (to do, act, perform) (Greek)




Relate it to "PREGNANT-ISM" In order to make a girl pregnant you need to PRACTICALLY do something. by only talking theoretically you can't make her pregnant. Sounds like problematic. In such a situation you should be concerned with what is practically reasonable and logical PRA + gma + TIC = PRA + c + TIC + al

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