1. extremely careful over minor details; fussy

1st Sample Sentence

1. As an editor, I'm not that fastidious about punctuation: so long as you don't forget the difference between a comma and a period, we'll get along fine.

2nd Meaning

2. extremely concerned about order and cleanliness

2nd Sample Sentence

2. He is such a fastidious character that if he even happens to spill a few drops of tea on his shirt, he goes and changes his whole outfit.

3rd Meaning

3. (of a room, house, etcetera) extremely clean and orderly

3rd Sample Sentence

2. His desk is fastidious: everything is so organized that you don't realize he was at work there.


fastidium (loathing, squeamishness, dislike, aversion, excessive nicety) (Latin)


fastidious, meticulous, punctilious, scrupulous




If your boss is a demanding person, he may not leave to you time to eat. Fasting is tedious. So your boss is fastidious. Fussy n tedious. Fas (ana) is tidious. Means kisi ko fasana bhut tidious hai. (jangal mein kisi shikar ko fasaney ke liye use "please" (by bait) karna padta hai. Fasana+TEDIOUS=difficult to please=FASTIDIOUS)

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