Shapes and forms!


1. (literal) formless; lacking shape or definition

1st Sample Sentence

1. By evening, the amorphous mass of clay in the sculptor's studio had been transformed into a recognizably human clay figure.

2nd Meaning

2. (figurative) lacking in structure and clarity

2nd Sample Sentence

2. Your essay represents a promising beginning, but it's still amorphous: you still need to do a lot of work on it, shaping it and clarifying your intentions.


a (without)#morphe (form) (Greek)


In Greek 'morphe' means shape/form. So, amorphous (a + morph + ous) means 'without shape/shapeless'. Similarly 'morphing' means shaping (the original). 'Metamorphosis' = Change in form/nature amorphous = a [morf] us = on reversing morf become --> a+form+us i. e something without form. or something lacking shape.

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