Rules and authorities


banish to an inferior position; demote to an inferior position

1st Sample Sentence

When my parents gave me a bicycle for my sixth birthday, they decided to relegate my old tricycle to a corner of the basement.


re (again)#legare (to depute, send) (Latin)


Being a delegate is an important position. Take care of it. Don't let anyone relegate you. rele (relatives)+gate. Bad rank of your RELATIVE in GATE examination has PUTTED HIM INTO A LOWER PLACE (department) of study relegate. split it like rele (relatives+gate)your relatives are crying at THE GATE because you are not allowing them to enter your house, you have put them in a worse place i. e the GATE WHICH IS ALMOST LIKE A FOOTPATH. divide it like rail+gate. Earlier station Master is now appointed as a watcher of rail gate. so, in worse position.

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