Yes boss!


1. reflecting an excessive concern with standard official procedure; of or like a small-minded bureaucrat

1st Sample Sentence

1. Workers in government offices tend to treat people with an officious lack of sensitivity.

2nd Meaning

2. meddlesome; bossy; pushy; intrusive

2nd Sample Sentence

2. She was a fussy, officious character who was constantly trying to tell people how to live their lives.


officium (duty, service) (Latin)


Offi (in offices) + cious (curious). in offices people will be curious for promotions so they will be pushy in offering services. OFFICIOUS, the first part of the word sounds similar to office. Imagine a government office where people poke their nose in other's affairs, they are INTERFERING. excessive eagerness to do OFFicial work of OFFering service or advice.

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