condescending; patronizing; disdainful; regarding someone with disrespectful amusement; not taking someone seriously

1st Sample Sentence

Please don't speak to me in such a supercilious way: I am certainly not your inferior in any way.


super (above)#cilium (eyelid, eyelash) (Latin)


split it like SUPER+CILI (sounds like SILLY)+o+US. now think of our SUPER SENIORs in our college. who were very ARROGANT IN NATURE. and were very keen to exhibit their superiority over us hence treated us in a very silly way. SUPER+FEELious. whenyou feel that you are superior, you become showy, pompous. but basically this word is taken from latin supercilium. which when splited means super + cilium means eyelid. so moving your eyelid in a way which exhibit your pride. and arrogance. Supercilious = Super + chilly (ous) i.e. when we eat food with a Super amount (a lot of) of chilly we express contempt towards the person who cooked it.

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