Dishonest and deceptive

bǝ-GILE UPDATE `words` SET `PronunciationText` = g as in god)

1. mislead or delude; cheat

1st Sample Sentence

1. I'm warning you that he's a worthless person, and marrying him would be a disaster: don't let him beguile you with his fair-sounding lies.

2nd Meaning

2. pass time

2nd Sample Sentence

2. In the end, my wife insisted that I go to the party, so I took a book with me so that I would be able to beguile the time if I got bored, which I certainly would.


BE+GUILE. guile means cunning. be guile means to cheat or deceive. Beguile = begal boys in duck tail cartoons were very sly. used to cheat. influence by slyness means foxiness

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