Help and luck related


1. comfort

1st Sample Sentence

1. A true friend is always there to succor you in your time of need, even when everyone else has abandoned you.

2nd Meaning

2. aid; assist; help

2nd Sample Sentence

2. From an early age she realized that her task in life would be to succor the poor and sick.


sub (up to)#currere (to run) (Latin)


Succour in hindi sounds like sukkar (IYA). SUKKARIYA. means thanks. so to whom do we say sukkariya or thanks??. obviously to someone who HELPS or ASSISTS us in OUR DIFFICULT TIME. OR in a time of difficulty. . This word sounds like Shakkar/ (Sugar) in Hindi. we usually go to our Neighbors when our sugar gets over. So in a way we seek their assistance in the time of difficulty.

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