Difficult situations!


1. tricky or dangerous situation

1st Sample Sentence

1. On the very day that I was to fly back to Mumbai from London, the knapsack containing my passport was stolen: it was the most terrible predicament of my life.

2nd Meaning

2. dilemma; situation in which you are faced with two equally unattractive options

2nd Sample Sentence

2. He faced a terrible predicament: if he married the woman he loved, his father would never speak to him again; but if he didn't marry her, he would lose his chance for the greatest happiness life has to offer.


prae (before)#dicare (to proclaim) (Latin) (It is not clear how the meaning of the modern English word developed the Latin original.)


dilemma, predicament, quagmire, quandary


predicament-> sounds like predict. The king called his minister to predict his future putting the poor fellow in a tricky/dangerous situation.

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