Worried and upset


1. put to rout; put to flight; defeat

1st Sample Sentence

1. I expect that we will discomfit the enemy without much loss: our army is three times larger than theirs, and we occupy a very advantageous position.

2nd Meaning

2. disconcert; trouble; confuse

2nd Sample Sentence

2. The revelations in my new book will discomfit many of my former colleagues.


DIS+CANT+FIT. it's kinda embarrassing:P discomfit- resembles discomfortable, wen u are discomfartable, u tend to get frustrated and defeated. If ucan check the word Fit, u can add a meaning, by assuming, -if u are not fit (disfit) u are defeated and put to embarrasment. When u r not comfotable u get frustrated & eventually u lose.

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