Weariness and unwillness


lethargy; sluggishness; dormancy; sleepiness

1st Sample Sentence

Oppressed by the summer heat, dogs lay on the roadside in a state of torpor.


torpere (be numb, be inactive, be dull) (Latin)


Torpedo is fast and speedy. while torpor is opposite to torpedo Well its quite opposite to what is a topper who is naturally diligent RAJ THAKERY TO MNS PEOPLE. "aaj tum sab itne LATHARGIC, SLUGGISH kyu lag rahe ho? hume kal THOD PHOD karne jana hai. yaad hai na?",:) tor-por. TORRENT PAR. TORRENT PAR most of the seeders were INACTIVE due to which downloading the movie becomes a SLUGGISH task.