Weariness and unwillness


1. (literal) stop short of an obstacle or barrier and refuse to continue

1st Sample Sentence

1. Sometimes a horse, instead of leaping over an obstacle, will balk at it, and then the rider may be thrown forward out of the saddle.

2nd Meaning

2. (figurative) refuse to do something or continue in course of action

2nd Sample Sentence

2. She seems to be having second thoughts about marrying me, and I'm afraid that she might balk before the wedding day.


balk sounds like a dog's bark; if you see a dog barking, you refuse to go ahead. hence, dog acts as obstacle (hindrance) in your walk. When a dog barks, you balk. sound close to bulk. when u see a bulky thing on ur way u refuse to go ahead Balk sounds like Block. ie is stops from doing something

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