Sad, happy and funny


gloomy; morose; sad

1st Sample Sentence

He seems such a saturnine character when you first see him, but if you get to know him you'll find that he's very cheerful and friendly in the company of others.


Saturnus (ancient Roman god. In the Middle Ages, the planet Saturn was believed to be the most remote from the Sun, #thus the coldest#slowest in its revolution. Medieval physiology held that those born under this planet partook of its characteristics, being of a gloomy#morose character.) (Latin)


despondent, dour, lugubrious, maudlin, morose, saturnine


blithe, buoyant, ebullient, jocular


If you are a party freak and At Nine of Saturday Night if you are still at home. then you will be gloomy! So from this we can get SATURday NINE! Saturn = Shani, Shani = makes wrong things happen in one's life (astronomically) so meaning = gloomy, unhappy, morose. Just remember saturns rings-->glommy, dull, faroff planet. nine rings of Saturn considered gloomy

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