Anger related


appease; attempt to make someone give up their anger and grant their favor

1st Sample Sentence

In the earliest phase of religion, people believed that they had to make offerings to the gods in order to propitiate them.


pro (forward)#petere (to go to, aim for, rush at) (Latin)


PROf+PITI- if you want professor's pity then you would have to appease him/her. propiti + ate. propiti sounds very close to property. + ate. so just imagine if you elder brother ate (here it means encroach) all your property. you will quarrel with him. your father will try to appease or pacify you. "prop" (prophet) + "itiate" (initiate) initiate the work of a prophet/priest. i. e maiking peace. pro "PEACE" iate. some what sounds like this. so it means "make peace with"

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