Safety and strength


1. unassailable; incapable of being attacked or penetrated

1st Sample Sentence

1. The fortress was inviolable, being situated on a mountain top and surrounded by sheer cliffs.

2nd Meaning

2. sacrosanct; too revered and important to be altered or denied

2nd Sample Sentence

2. The right to freedom of speech is absolute and inviolable.


in (not, opposite of)#violare (to treat with violence, outrage, dishonor) (Latin)


You can't get IN the door because she will hit you with her VIOLA. Violate is to break, to infringe thus inviolable is which cannot be broken or infringed, or which cannot be corrupted Viola is a root that means – that must not be dishonored. so inviolable is an opposite to that. InviolABLE, concentrate on the word ABLE means absolute and strong

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