Postures and complexions


1. lead-colored

1st Sample Sentence

1. Livid stormclouds are gathering in the sky.

2nd Meaning

2. black and blue

2nd Sample Sentence

2. After the goondas beat him up, his whole body was livid with bruises.

3rd Meaning

3. enraged; extremely angry

3rd Sample Sentence

3. He was livid when he heard that she had married his best friend instead of him.


lividus (of a bluish color, black and blue) (Latin)


livid = opposite of vivid & vivid is lively so livid is dull black grey (when someone dies they turn livid.) LIVE+VIDEO: The officer was ENRAGED WITH ANGER when he was caught taking bribe on LIVE VIDEO a person who LIVEs (liv) with Difficulties will look ILLNESS

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